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by Bruce R. Wright

"Wealth - How to Create It, Keep It, and Use It" - a broad-based consumer education and motivational tool defining effective entrance, growth, and EXIT strategies. Written specifically to make life easier and more productive by helping the reader identify and shift incorrect or incomplete paradigms involving critical financial issues, it is an ideal tool for building client relationships. Learn how to "get the life you've always wanted" by "exiting" into your perfect calendar, where your time, talent, and resources are used in harmony with universal truths and your highest goals! Sample chapter topics include:

Wealth-How to Create It-"Wealth Principles," "Knowledge Can Be Power," "Overcoming Adversity," "Recognizing Opportunities"

Wealth-How to Keep It -"Seeing The Elephant," "Vision, Goals, Strategies, Tactics, Tools and Timing"

Wealth-How to Manage It (I) Selecting Advisors - "Creating An All-Star Team," "Crocodiles With A Smile," "Egomaniacs on the Loose," "The Good Old Boys Network"

Wealth-How to Manage It (II) Avoid Being Your Own Worst Enemy-"It's Too Complicated," "But I Grew Up On That Property," "Tough Love"

Wealth-How to Use It - "Creating, Living & Leaving A Legacy," "Congress vs Charity," "The Intelligent Inheritance (First, Do No Harm)"

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Available for the first time! This comprehensive educating and empowering software application contains all the "tools, tips and techniques" gleaned over the past ten years for becoming a "magnet" to receive ultimate referrals and for developing, managing, and expanding Strategic Alliances. The Wright System for Ultimate Referrals and Strategic Alliance Development guides you through a proven, step-by-step process for "redefining the universe" of financial services and provides all the forms and information essential for building "A" level Strategic Alliances.  The purchase price includes two 30-minute mentoring sessions with a Wright Company Professional.


  • More than Simply Networking: Defining Effective Strategic Alliances
  • Characteristics of Strategic Alliance Members
  • Levels of Play for Strategic Alliances
  • Parts of the Strategic Alliance Plan
  • Costs and Time Commitments


  • Rate Your Knowledge©-Interactive Exercise
  • Defining "A" Level Opportunities and Clients
  • Raising Your Level of Competence

  • YOUR

  • Building, Developing, Managing and Marketing Strategic Alliances
  • Building and Using a SWAT Team Effectively
  • Making Referrals Successful
  • Conducting Effective Follow-Up
  • Polite Disengagement
  • Dissolving Ineffective Alliances


    • Creating Win-Win, Universal Truths-Based Relationships
    • Your Own Bottom Line
    • Interaction Between Strategic Alliance Members
    • Legal and Compliance Issues


  • Mentoring
  • Forms & Questionnaires
  • Standard Letters
  • Time Tables


  • Booklets
  • Books
  • Audio & Video Learning Systems
  • Newsletters
  • Customized Training
  • Workshops for Professionals
  • Group Client Consultations
  • Conferences for Consumers
  • Continuing Education for Professionals
  • Customized Business Innovation Systems
  • Accreditation in the Wright Institute

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