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This page is dedicated to people who are discerning enough to appreciate the differences between professionals who talk about great outcomes vs. the professionals who can truly deliver them.  The following list of professionals is broken down into two categories of licensees.  All of these people or companies listed have invested a great amount of thought, time, talent and financial resources learning how to support their clients with Macro Strategic Planning®.  These exceptional professionals have demonstrated an overwhelming desire to serve their clients in ways which far exceed what most people are used to.

 The Wright Company acknowledges that each Tier One licensed person and every Tier Two licensed company has graduated from the Macro Strategic Planning® Certification Course and is licensed to assist others in Macro Strategic Planning®.  To make our lawyers happy, The Wright Company and The Wright Institute has stated clearly that we cannot guarantee the work or actions of any of the listed people or companies.  The Wright Company and The Wright Institute urges you to interview these people and companies, then contrast them against other advisors you may know now or in the future.  You should choose only those advisors you believe to be most capable of serving your unique needs and situation.

We would remind you of this observation:  The geographical location of people or companies is far less important than talents, skills, wisdom and outcomes.  Let’s not forget the old adage that “good is often the enemy of great”.  Ultimately you are responsible for the level of understanding, insight, wisdom and capabilities each of your advisors brings to you.  You can choose to assemble your very own interdependent dream team.  One that understands your greatest vision and works proactively towards your best end in mind.  On the other hand, you can work with professionals who do not possess that type of mindset or the requisite skills to help you discover or achieve your greatest vision and best end in mind.

Tier One Licensees 

These people are licensed to present Macro Strategic Planning® to consumers, but they cannot produce written Macro Strategic Plans® under any circumstances.  They cannot charge fees directly or indirectly for Macro Strategic Planning®.  These people can be a tremendous resource for helping you get beyond your current thinking, vision and operating system.  If you want a tangible, written Macro Strategic Plan®, Tier One licensees will refer you to a Tier Two company that can fill such a need.  Tier One and Tier Two licensees often work together to facilitate and manage the success of their clients.  They often work interdependently with other essential advisors who are unfamiliar with Macro Strategic Planning®, but whose role is essential to your success.

Ryan Kelly

Spectrum Asset Management, Inc.


Mike Hernacki

Professional Success Coach, San Diego, CA


Ron Kindschi

FFR Advisory, Seal Beach, CA


 Ron Penney

 Penney, Murray & Associates


Tier Two Licensees

These companies enjoy all the benefits of the Tier One licensed people plus, they are in the business of providing written Macro Strategic Plans®.  One requirement of their licensing agreement restricts them from providing Macro Strategic Planning® for free or as a loss leader.  These licensees must charge you a fee for the Macro Strategic Planning® work they do on your behalf.  The fees they charge cannot be linked to any other type of services or products.  This helps to assure consumers that Macro Strategic Planning® is not a sales scheme or loss leader for other forms of planning, services or products.

Mike Bass

PrimeQuest Wealth Management


George E. Johnson II

Lighthouse Strategic  Advisors, Sacramento, CA


Bradley Harsch

Lighthouse Strategic Advisors,Sacramento, CA


 Mott Williamson

Beacon Point Designs LLC






We do not like wolves in sheep’s clothing or salespeople disguised as consultants.  We think you probably feel the same way.  While The Wright Company and The Wright Institute cannot guarantee that our licensees have no conflicts of interest, we urge you to perform your own due diligence or research on this mater.  Some Tier Two licensees are involved in other professions such as the practice of law, accounting, business management, coaching, banking, or investment advisory services, just to name a few.

Honesty and full disclosure is what we practice and what we teach at The Wright Company and The Wright Institute.  We urge you and all of your advisors to communicate thoroughly and openly regarding potential conflicts of interest and all relevant matters.  As consumers ourselves, we recommend that any existing or potential conflicts of interest be disclosed up front and in writing so all parties involved are properly informed and comfortable before they move forward with Macro Strategic Planning® or any other service.

We urge you to interview as many of our licensees as you feel appropriate.  Their personalities, experience and skill levels vary widely.  It may be wise to interview at least three.  Some people will want to interview all of them.  This is about your future, your vision and your best end in mind.  Some due diligence up front can be really valuable.  In the big picture, we think it is well worth some phone calls, letters and even some face-to-face interviews before selecting advisors, pursuing or implementing any type of plan.


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